About GRS & IGF

The first GRS-IGF meeting was held in Boston in October 2002.

The co-chairs of this conference were Robert Smith and Alan Moses. Subsequent joint meetings have been held bi-annually:

  • 2nd: Cairns, Australia, April 2004
  • 3rd: Kobe, Japan, November 2006
  • 4th: Genoa, Italy, September 2008
  • 5th: New York, USA, October 2010
  • 6th: Munich, Germany, October 2012
  • 7th: Singapore, October 2014
  • 8th: Tel Aviv, Israel, November 2016

The Growth Hormone Research Society (GRS).
The International Society for Insulin like Growth Factor Research (The IGF Society).

About GRS

Overview of GRS

The Growth Hormone Research Society (GRS) was founded in 1992 to provide a forum for the study and exchange of ideas on all aspects of growth hormone physiology and diseases involving abnormalities of the GH axis.

With over 400 members from more than 30 countries, the society represents a unique international body composed of clinicians, scientists, educators and students. These individuals are committed to the advancement and dissemination of research and education on a milieu of medical and biological topics related to GH. Among these are GH deficiency, GH excess, and the use of GH and related products in the treatment of these diseases. The society holds biannual meetings in conjunction with its sister society, the IGF research society, and together these societies publish a common journal, “The Journal of GH and IGF research”.

Mission of GRS

The mission of the GRS is to promote scientific research and clinical advancement in the fields of growth hormone (GH) and insulin-like growth factors (IGFs).

This academic society conducts this mission as an independent, non-profit society that facilitates and evaluates advances in the physiology, pathology, diagnostics, therapeutics, and surveillance of GH/IGF-related disorders.

The GRS fosters collaborations between basic scientists, clinicians (pediatric and adult) and clinical investigators from both the public and private sectors to promote research. The GRS conveys knowledge through the Society’s journal, scientific meetings and workshops.

About IGF

The International Society for Insulin like Growth Factor Research (The IGF Society). The first official gathering of “IGF” scientists was at the Somatomedin Dinner held in conjunction with the US Endocrine Society meetings in 1979 in Anaheim, California. There was considerable enthusiasm and excitement for the emerging field of Somatomedins/IGFs in the Endocrine community. The attendees included Bill Daughaday, Ray Hintz, Jud Van Wyk, Lou Underwood, David Clemmons, Ernst Rinderknect, Rene Humbel, Rudi Froesch, Joe D’Ercole, Kerstin Hall, Peter Nissley and Matt Rechler. Dr. Rinderknecht presented the primary amino acid sequence of IGF-I, which he also published that year. Although the Somatomedins were re-named as IGFs, the “Somatomedin Dinner” retains the original name and has been held continuously since 1979.

The Society for Insulin-Like Growth Factor Research was founded on September 1, 1994. The mission of the society is to bring together basic and clinical scientists actively involved in research on the IGF ligands, receptors and binding proteins to have a formal venue for interactions, discussions and to organize focused meetings. The initial board members at incorporation were Derek LeRoith, Peter Gluckman, David Clemmons, and Cheryl Conover. The board appointed Derek LeRoith as president of the society.

The first elected Council (1996) was: Derek LeRoith (US) (President), Peter Rotwein (US), Robert Baxter (Australia), Jeff Holly (UK), Naomi Hizuka (Japan) and Victor Han (Canada) (Vice Presidents), Cheryl Conover (US) (Treasurer), Linda Giudice (US) (General Secretary), Terri Wood (US) (meetings Secretary) and several general officers. Current Society elected officers and council members are: Terri Wood (US) (President), Rob Baxter (Australia) (Vice President), Derek LeRoith (US/Israel) (Past-President), Laura Maile (US) (Secretary/Treasurer), Laura Cobb (US), Cunming Duan (US), Naomi Hizuka (Japan), Jeff Holly (UK), Rosemary O’Connor (UK), Peter Rotwein (US) and Shin Inchiro Takahashi (Japan) (Council Members).

The original journal of the International Society for IGF research was entitled Growth Regulation. GH and IGF Research started in 1998 as the journal of the two societies, GRS and IGF. It combined Growth Regulation and Endocrinology and Metabolism and coincided with the amalgamation of their publishers, Churchill Livingstone and WB Saunders.