Reasons to Attend

Seattle, Washington

  • The joint GRS-IGF International Conference constitutes the world’s most important scientific event in the area of growth hormone and insulin-like growth factors research.
  • The meeting gathers the world’s most prestigious clinicians and scientists in the areas of growth hormone and IGF.
  • The meeting provides an excellent opportunity to learn from the experts and to share our most exciting data.
  • The meeting will give me the opportunity of meeting friends and colleagues in my area of research from all over the world.
  • I am planning to learn from the exhibiting companies about the latest advances in the pharmacology of growth hormone.
  • The meeting provides a well-balanced blend of basic biomedical research along with the most modern clinical insights in the fields of growth hormone and IGF.
  • The meeting provides an unparalleled opportunity to meet colleagues from most disciplines in medicine and biomedical research, including endocrinologists, pediatricians, oncologists, molecular biologists, and many more.